Tammie Mennis is a passionate and dedicated physiotherapist who has worked with children with disabilities and movement difficulties since 2004. Tammie graduated from the University of Queensland in 2001 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). Upon graduating, Tammie worked in a rural Queensland hospital for two years whereby she developed many practical problem solving skills to assist people in their daily lives in the bush. Tammie then began pursuing her passion for helping children in 2004, and began working in the paediatric disability field, where for the next 12 years she enjoyed assisting children with varied neurological, genetic, and orthopaedic disabilities, along with their families and teachers, to grow and develop new skills. Tammie has also gained valuable skills working at a major children’s hospital assisting children to rehabilitate during and after cancer treatment. In 2009 Tammie studied at the Bobath Centre in London, England and gained a certificate in Bobath Therapy, a form of Tammieneurodevelopmental therapy for children with neurological disabilities.

In 2016 Tammie began her private children’s physiotherapy practice Moveable Kids, and in 2018 expanded to provide a children’s physiotherapy service in Maleny. In addition to her work with Moveable Kids, she is a director of Well & Able, a supplier of medical-grade wearable postural support equipment, such as orthopaedic footwear and dynamic compression garments, for children with disabilities (follow the link on our links page for more details).

Tammie is a wife and step mother of 4 active boys, and in her (very little) spare time enjoys growing a fruit and vegie garden, experimenting with preserving and fermenting foods, and talking Max, the therapy dog, for long walks.

St Germaine Cousin

Moveable Kids is under the patronage of St Germaine Cousin. She was a young girl who lived in France in the 1500's who was born with a deformed and partially paralysed arm. St Germaine is the patron saint of children with disabilities and physiotherapists.